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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Whether you’re the stunning bride-to-be or the man of the hour, you’re no doubt worried about thanking your groomsmen for all they’ve done on your big day. After-all, your wedding’s groomsmen shoulder a lot of the responsibility that goes into planning everything surrounding the wedding including helping pick out a ring, planning the bachelor party, helping calm any pre-wedding jitters, taking care of travel and hotel accommodations, and assisting in a whole host of other areas that will generally make the lives of the two getting married significantly easier. With all that in mind, it’s even more important than most realize to get the proper gift to let your groomsmen know how much you appreciate their part in making your big day go off without a hitch. If you don’t even know where to start with this, you’re not alone. Luckily, we have compiled a quick guide to help answer some of your biggest questions and help guide you through the gift giving process. Read along to find out more.

How Many Groomsmen Gifts to Buy

It seems like an obvious thing, but before you can ever go forward with your gifting, you need to know how many gifts to buy in the first place – which means you need to know how many groomsmen are going to be in your wedding. A little stuck on that? Generally, one groomsman for every 50 guests is the guideline, at least for traditionally formal weddings. If you’re planning something a little more informal, you can dial this back a considerate amount. A better rule of thumb in these situations is about one groomsman for every 100 people. Of course, these are just general suggestions and personal preference can most definitely play a part in how many men you want involved on your big day. Regardless of how many you go with though, just make sure to keep the number of groomsmen and bridesmaids about equal to ensure everything feels even for both the bride and the groom. Balance is key for most things and that remains the same when it comes to wedding planning.

What’s the Rule on Spending?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions people have when deciding on groomsmen gifts revolves around pricing. After all, buying something too cheap (or even too expensive!) can be a major social misstep that anyone would rather avoid if at all possible. The answer to the question of spending is a complex one that involves multiple factors. You need to take your wedding budget into account along with how many groomsmen you have, how active they’ve been in the planning process, and the formality of the wedding. While it may vary for your individual situation, many experts recommend spending about $50 to $70 per gift, which allows you a broader range of choices while keeping things still on a reasonable budget. If money is a little tighter than you would prefer it to be, not to worry. Your groomsmen will understand. They’re there to help make your wedding special, not cause an additional financial burden. Find a nice thoughtful gift to say, ‘thank you’ and they’ll be happy.

When to Give the Gifts

Like most everything else involving your wedding, a lot of this comes down to personal preference. You just want to be mindful to not give anything too early or too late, especially if you’re gifting something you want your groomsmen to wear on the day of the wedding. If you give their gifts too early, you run the risk of them accidentally leaving it at home. If you give them too late, you run the risk of something not fitting, something not working correctly, etcetera. We recommend gifting around the rehearsal dinner or the bachelor party, as this means you can give all the gifts at once and without worrying too much about forgetfulness or last-minute issues that could throw a wrench in your well-made plans.

Looking for the perfect gift for your groomsmen? Ties, personalized decanters, and leather travel bags are popular choices that could work perfectly for you. Wooden watches are also a fantastic choice, especially as they’ve frequently been rated one of the best gifts to get in 2020. For more specific recommendations, we’ve got you covered:

Are your groomsmen stylish but also rather minimalistic? If so, this watch would make the perfect gift. Thanks to its gorgeous bamboo bezel, dark wood face, and simple leather band, it is understated, versatile, and easy to pair with just about any outfit. It’s also easily engravable, allowing to put your own personalized touch on it for the guys who’ve had your back from the beginning.

For the most dapper among your wedding party, you can’t go wrong with this accessories kit. It includes a handsome wooden bow tie, matching pocket square, cufflinks, and lapel pin – all for just around $30. All the accessories are beautiful, with rich color and excellent craftsmanship so you know your groomsmen will look good all day long. If they take good care of their wooden accessories, they’ll do them well far past your wedding and for years to come.

If you’re finding yourself stuck between gifts and unable to choose, this groomsman gift box will quickly become your ideal pick. Including a beer mug, a bottle opener, sunglasses, a drink sleeve, and a cigar cutter, your groomsmen will easily be ready for anything that comes their way. Everything is also themed specifically for groomsmen and comes in a lovely wooden box, so they’ll always be reminded of your wedding day.

For vintage with a modern and sustainable spin, this volcano wood Urban Designer watch is just the ticket. It features a timeless, dark 100% reclaimed wood band and a warm, rustic yellow face for a little extra style. It’s also extremely comfortable and smooth, allowing for a comfortable fit that will just get better the more your groomsman wears it.

If your groomsmen appreciate both nature and style, this particular watch makes an excellent ‘thank you’ gift. It has a natural zebra wood finish that distinguishes it from the crowd and a no-frills brown leather strap for easy wear everywhere from your wedding to the weekend game. With no paint, no chemicals, and quality construction, it’s a gift you can feel good about giving and your groomsmen can feel good about getting!

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