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Quality Birthday Outfit. how to find one

Birthday outfit

  • The best birthday outfits are a reflection of the kind of person you are at your core.

  • They can bring out a part of you that's often ignored, suppressed, or held back in your normal life.

  • The right birthday outfit can make you feel like an entirely new version of yourself, one with a touch more confidence and power than before—a version that's not afraid to be noticed, displayed…dare I say celebrated?

Making sure you are getting the best.

We picked Strawberry Shortcake as the theme for the party. Finding a Strawberry Shortcake birthday outfit is easy, but finding a QUALITY Strawberry Shortcake birthday outfit worthy of your child's birthday party? Not so much.

You've probably seen the cheapo ones on Amazon and eBay. The colors are faded and completely inaccurate, the white is yellowed, the print is blurry and peeling off. The fabric isn't even 100% cotton! After one use, you'll need to throw it away.

What makes our Strawberry Shortcake Outfits different? We don't skimp on quality—and that means you get an authentic-looking Strawberry Shortcake with her real colors: A vibrant green tulle skirt with watermelon pink, hot pink and lime green ribbon trim; a deep purple the top has an appliques character figure dressed in Strawberry Shortcake colors. The onesie/ t-shirt is white 100% cotton and ruffles (onesies only)--NOT printed but professionally appliqued for lasting enjoyment on a crisp white background. We know we got this right because we've meticulously researched every detail of each character, right down to their eye color (Blueberry Muffin has brown eyes!)

Finding a quality birthday outfit is an important part of planning your child’s birthday party. A quality birthday outfit will make you feel good about the day and give you a sense of pride.

Why Little Keiki Bou-Tiki is the best place to shop for your child's birthday outfit.

We have been helping families find the perfect fit for over 10 years. Our goal is to provide you with high quality clothing that fits your child's personality, style and size. We have a wide range of sizes and styles for both boys and girls from newborn to toddler sizes.

Little Keiki Bou-Tiki offers:

An excellent selection of children’s clothing from newborn through size 5t/6t.

High quality fabrics with attention to details such as stitching, buttons, snaps, zippers and more.

A friendly staff that understands every parent’s need for quality children’s clothing at reasonable prices.

Little Keiki Bou-Tiki has the best selections and best quality of outfits for that special little person, of course children adore dressing up, so go out and treat them to the birthday outfit of their dreams, from Little Keiki Bou-tiki and make the birthday a special day Strawberry Shortcake birthday outfit powered b y Bou-tiki and make the birthday a special day.

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