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Tips for Mounting a TV

How to mount a wall tv

1. Putting the TV in the right place

It's important to understand where you want the TV before you do preparatory work like drilling holes. A lot of people find success with making a template of their TV and then hanging that. It's a great idea to get it into the position you did when you watched your old TV. It'll let you know if the placement is just right. It may be too low or high on the wall. It's also possible that you'll discover it's at an awkward level. Take account of your furniture and positions to ensure your TV will be in the best place, especially if you will be getting new furniture in your living room, take a look at Rooms to Go.

Having small critters around, whether children or pets, makes it a better idea to position the TV higher on the wall. It erases the chance of damage from running in the house.

2. Fixing The Way The TV Is Mounted

There are two components with TV brackets. There's the wall and the screws that are on the wall. The brackets are the outer component, which holds the TV in place.

It's important to properly measure once you've got a good idea of where you're going to place your TV. I'd recommend using a tape measure to figure out the exact dimensions. It's a great idea to mark these measurements with a pencil at the bottom of the bracket.

Keep the mark straight for when you line up the bracket along the line. You should also use a pencil to mark the drill hole before continuing.

Before causing damage to your home, make sure you aren't drilling through the parts that help it function, such as pipes or cables.

Drill holes in the marks you've made once you're happy that everything is going to work to your satisfaction. Your plugs should be placed into the right area. One of the last steps is to position the brackets properly and drill in the screws.

3.Attaching the brackets

This is one of the easiest parts. The most successful results require holding the TV in its proper position. You will need something to keep it up. It's best to use rope.

Tip: It's important that the screws are aligned perfectly. The TV mount might tilt or swizzle if there is any inaccuracy.

4. It's time to lift the TV and connect the cables

It's important to connect what you want to your TV at this point. Some choose to connect HDMI cables. When this step isn't completed at this point, some realize that the HDMI sockets are impossible to reach.

It's time to get the TV into place. You'll need to get another person to accomplish this. It can avoid the disaster of realizing you can't reach the sockets later.

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