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Uniqistic: A Hidden Gem

Even before the pandemic, it’s been clear that fashion retail is changing. Specifically, the focus of brand-customer interaction is shifting from in-person stores to online. While retailers might lose some personal touch, online retail gives both brands and customers new opportunities. It is easier than ever for companies to curate collections from across designers, regions, and even countries for a global market. Customers have access to interesting designs suitable to their tastes and budgets without wrangling parking lots or crowds. While some intrepid fashionistas previously may have found far-flung pieces for their collections, most people are now more likely to participate in the global market with online companies helping with the complexities of international shipping. is an example of the next-gen shopping experience that combines an extensive, yet thoughtful selection of women’s fashion, with reasonable prices and a strong company brand and values. combines the effortless artistry of an Anthropologie with the thorough product and style variety of a traditional Nordstrom. In other words, Uniqistic aptly self-describes its clothing as “the ideal blend of comfortable, practical and chic.” This Uniqistic review recommends it as a hidden gem for almost everything in women’s on-trend fashion and likely an example of the future of fashion shopping. supplies the full range of so-called women’s fashion: workwear, casual wear, loungewear and lingerie, and shoes. They also have a wide variety of accessory styles, including handbags, belts, sunglasses, and scarves; and jewelry, from anklets to rings. Within each category of clothing, it is clear that their team is knowledgeable, thorough, and thoughtful in their curation of pieces from a variety of designers. They even provide thoughtful commentary on fashion trends and their collections on each page of their website and on their blog. Their European influence (they are based in Poland) comes through with on-trend, yet unexpected style variations for a global market.

Especially notable is’s almost overwhelming wedding collection, which includes bridal dresses and accessories and those for bridal attendants. As with their other collections, they offer an attractive variety with high fashion, vintage, and accessible pieces that are held together in the same collection by the high quality and design. Whatever your wedding style, will get you a long way in dressing your bridal party. came early to online fashion retail. After twelve years, they have established impressive customer service practices in which they take pride: free shipping and returns; money-back guarantee; buyer protection; and secure shopping. Every day, they ship to customers worldwide. The potential downside of this new, global business model is that shipping and delivery times range from one week to 30 days, depending on the destination. They are quite upfront about that on their website, and this challenge is common to other retailers like them.

As the fashion industry continues to shift with the world’s economies and way of life, may be come less of a “hidden” gem and more a go-to for beautiful and on-trend pieces.

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