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Where To Buy Wholesale Bamboo Sunglasses

SKYMOOD ranks among the top 5 of China's makers of wholesale wood bamboo sunglasses. Skymood bamboo sunglasses are manufactured and marketed by Wenzhou Hante Trade Co. Ltd. Skymood wood bamboo sunglasses are a wholesale and retail product line, sold in more than 20 countries.

Skymood bamboo sunglasses: eco-friendly fashion

Today's trend in sunglasses frames is moving toward wood bamboo frames. The eco-friendly and sustainable wood material is increasingly preferred to plastic. Skymood sunglasses frames are 100% wood material, with unique designs. mainly handcrafted from bamboo or wood. There are two classes of bamboo material, carbonized bamboo, and natural bamboo. Among your choices of other unique wood, material are walnut beach wood, maple wood, zebra wood, skateboard wood, green and red sandalwood.

Bamboo material undergoes fine grinding and produces a material which will not cause allergies to human skin. Nor scratch sensitive skin areas, such as your ears. Bamboo frames are free from toxins from chemicals. They are ultra-light, weighing 10 g- 15 g and rest comfortably on your nose. They are durable and float in water.

Wheat straw sunglasses are unique sunglasses introduced by Skymood and colored with dye derived from plants. They are light, comfortable, eco-friendly, and sustainable material. Wheat straw is the stalks left after the harvest of wheat grains and was treated as waste. When its sunglasses life cycle is complete, remove the lens. And recycle the frame at a composting facility.

Skymood Sunglasses polarized are mirror lens and are UV 400 rated, giving complete protection from ultraviolet sun rays. You can lie on beach sands, wear your bamboo sunglasses under the hot sun, and by 100% protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays and harmful glare from the reflective water surface.

Skymood Wholesale and Customization Team

If you are a wholesaler, looking for wood bamboo sunglasses, your best choice is Skymood bamboo sunglasses wholesale. Skymood bamboo sunglasses wholesale is mainly made of black bamboo and carbonized bamboo. Colors of the polarized lens are blue, purple, green, red, brown, red, other colors.

Custom logo

Skymood pioneered modes in customization and handmade natural manufacturing. Products can have customizable engraving. Any customized need on logo or trademark, along with custom design colors, is promptly serviced. Skymood is serving more than 800 brand customers worldwide.

If you wish logo customization to be lasered or engraved on the frame, you can email the model needed and buy a sample. Skymood will send the logo laser or engraving artwork by Whatsapp or email. Additional cost depends on the quantity of the small order. A 50-piece order is free of charge.

Brand designer

Skymood also engages in R&D on wood products and relates to your needs in product details and can become your partner in product development. This is in line with Skymood's role as an integrated supplier of the wood fashion industry.

Individual design delights

For individual customers, you can enjoy your novel and personalized designs for Skymood sunglasses. Because the material is of wood or bamboo, the customized engraving is handcrafted, through handmade natural manufacturing.

Your personal creative designs can be engraved. If you're giving a gift to your father, anniversary gift, you can have the phrase "favorite father in the world" engraved into the bamboo frame. Or if it's a gift for your mom, she will love a pair of seashell sunglasses, with seashell inlaid in walnut wood. And inlaid with shells of different colors.

Benefits for buyers of bamboo sunglasses wholesale

• Lower MOQ of 20 pieces. mixed-model and color to order, place your order for Skymood bamboo sunglasses wholesale. MOQ is a reasonable figure because eyewear manufacturers usually put minimum order quantity at 600 pairs.

• Strict quality checks for product items in a placed order are fully guaranteed. With after-sales service plus a warranty on defective or damaged items.

• Skymood products are compatible with global quality inspection standards. Products passed the class 3 certification of the United States FDA, EU CE, and FCS, Forest Stewardship Council.

Skymood bamboo sunglasses supply fashion brand stores

Skymood supplies unique fashion sunglasses, of wood material, to more than 800 brand stores throughout the world. The list includes online sales shops, professional stores, even supermarkets.

SKYMOOD creators Hunter and Steven grew up in a Chinese village and wanted to share their good feelings when they touched a fashion product for the first time. They created a fashion brand of wholesale bamboo sunglasses

"Everyone has a good mood to relax in sunny weather"

The two words "Sky" and "Mood" express these feelings when one wears Skymood bamboo sunglasses.

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