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Hearts and Shapes

Valentine's Day 

Guys, we understand. Choosing the perfect Valentines Day gifts for your girlfriend and boyfriend can be an almighty stressful experience. Valentine’s Day is a day of possibilities – a rare day where that unrealistic, story-book love can actually happen.

Send him / her a note of your choice on the engraved wooden watches by Urban Designer. We produce our wood watches for men and women with only reclaimed wood, creating minimal waste during the manufacturing processes.

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Valentine or no valentine, don't leave your BFFs out! Give your best gal pals a Galentine gift that hits all the right notes—relaxing, fun, and mindful. She'll love a mini spa session with the hydrating eye gels and wonderfully spearmint and eucalyptus scented Girlfriend Candle.

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Whether you pronounce it 'cara-mel' or 'car-mel', it all has the same glorious taste! This deluxe gift set offers a large selection of caramel goodies from Seattle-based artisans Fran's, Theo, and Jonboy. They include hand dipped dark and milk chocolate caramels, coffee caramels, Big Daddy Marshmallows, and individually wrapped salt caramels.

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This simple but luxurious gift set includes the Lucia Foaming Bath Assortment of five different bath tubes. Each offers a unique skincare and bathing experience, and ingredients include linseed flower, laurel leaf, tea leaf, fresh fig, and sea watercress.

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Unique Wooden Rings

Wooden rings are made with only reclaimed wood, perfect for wooden wedding rings and wooden engagement rings. As this special piece of jewelry is meant to be worn for a lifetime, it is important that you choose a band that truly suits your style and personality.

Personalized Custom Photo Desk Led Lamp

The portrait for the lamp is 100% HAND DRAWN by our designer, who takes into consideration all your requirements. This lamp is fully personalized (you may put your text on the wooden base or change the text directly on the lamp), which makes it so special gift  which perfectly suits as a wood anniversary gift.

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