Novelty is one of the most important ways to help maintain a strong, stable relationship full of love. It’s easy to fall into routine and neglect this, but if you’ve got an anniversary coming up, you have a perfect chance to make up for lost time. Spending fun, quality time together will go far, but what specifically should you do during this time? Well, we’re here to give you a few anniversary gift ideas, whether you’re wanting to splurge or save, go simple or full romantic, or stay in or go out. Just don’t let time get away from you and forget to give your partner a meaningful gift, though! The gift of your time means more than anything else, but physical gifts are a lovely gesture that will help them remember your special day for years to come.

Trendy Wooden Watches With Personal Engraving 

Send him / her a note of your choice on the engraved wooden watches by Urban Designer. We produce our wood watches for men and women with only reclaimed wood, creating minimal waste during the manufacturing processes.

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Wedding Song Lyrics Engraved - Wooden Anniversary Gift

This custom engraving made with your own wedding song lyrics or vows makes a great gift for an engagement, an anniversary, or a wedding! These plaques are engraved with your wedding song. Perfect gift for the 5th year "wooden anniversary."

Unique Wooden Rings

Wooden rings are made with only reclaimed wood, perfect for wooden wedding rings and wooden engagement rings. As this special piece of jewelry is meant to be worn for a lifetime, it is important that you choose a band that truly suits your style and personality.

Personalized Custom Photo Desk Led Lamp

The portrait for the lamp is 100% HAND DRAWN by our designer, who takes into consideration all your requirements. This lamp is fully personalized (you may put your text on the wooden base or change the text directly on the lamp), which makes it so special gift  which perfectly suits as a wood anniversary gift.

First Anniversary Gift

The first year of marriage is often considered the year of adjustment. As you celebrate this special 1st wedding anniversary, reflect on both the delicate and hardy aspects of your marriage and your love for one another.

5 Year Anniversary

The traditional five-year anniversary gift is wood. That said, it's not your only option. The modern five-year anniversary gift is silverware—and there are plenty of options to choose from today.

10th Anniversary Gift

Buy jewelry with blue sapphire, which is the other 10th anniversary gemstone besides diamonds. Give daffodils, which are the traditional 10th wedding anniversary flower.