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You Don’t Want to Skip This Unique Dog Training Class

Whether you’ve owned dogs for your entire life or finally adopted your first pup yesterday, we can all use a little help every now and again. After all, training our furry friends isn’t always a walk in the dog park. With so much to teach them, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and have something slip through the cracks – or be entirely unsure where to even start. It also doesn’t help that some dogs are just naturally more resistant to training than others due to personality or rough past circumstances, making training (particularly as an amateur) all the harder.

A solution to ensure you can get them back on track or help them stay on their best behavior? Trying out the “Brain Training for Dogs online course developed by Adrienne Farricelli, a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer. Want to know what makes this course better from the countless others out there? Keep reading to learn what separates this one from the pack and why you should give it a go today.

Mental Activity Over Aggression

It doesn’t seem to matter how much you try to avoid it. If you’ve got a dog, the odds are that you’re going to see a million advertisements for both in-person trainings and online guidance. As much as we all hate ads, this wouldn’t be so bad if they were all good. The problem is, they’re not. There’s a major issue that most programs have in common, and it’s that they advocate for the completely wrong approach to alter a pup’s behavior and actions.

This typically looks like using outdated techniques that will only serve to make the issue worse in the long run, like teaching owners how to use dominance and force to make their furry friend take heed of their commands. What this does is send the entirely wrong message to your pet, showing them that human aggressiveness is normal. We don’t want to do this. Instilling fear in return for submissiveness isn’t good for anyone involved.

This program advocates a very different sort of brain training for dogs. Instead of using these ineffective, negative tactics to alter behavior, the methods of “Brain Training for Dogs” encourage gentle scientifically-backed positive actions and bonding to train your pet. Not only does this give better results, but it’s also a lot nicer and more ethical! Remember, you get back what you put in. Positive actions will create positive results, and this program tries to remind you of that at every turn.

Rooting Out the Problem

On top of other programs’ negative and forceful tactics inadvertently encouraging bad attitudes, it also does nothing to solve the deeper issues at play in your pet’s behaviors. While it might (notice the operative word, might) help you see difference in the short-term, it’s a recipe for disaster in the long-term. Your buddy will eventually revert to old behaviors – and worse, they’ll trust you far less when they do.

It’s because these training courses are treating the symptoms rather than the underlying condition. Don’t feel like slapping a Band-Aid on a deeper wound? Well, the “Brain Training for Dogs” program offers an alternative. Meant to get to the root of barking, biting, chewing, fear-based aggression, and more, you’ll see lasting results that’ll make you and your pup happy in the long-run.

The key here is engaging your dog’s brain, providing the mental stimulation they need to be happy and healthy – something few other programs even make mention of, much less emphasize it . This program does, though, because Adrienne has concluded that more intelligent dogs are behaved and obedient dogs. They need it to understand commands and to be calm enough to listen to them in the first place. Neglect brain training, and you’ll never eradicate problematic behaviors.

The Professional Difference, Certified

Other programs use outdated and ineffective techniques while skirting around the root of any behavioral problems. Sounds bad, right? It is, but it shouldn’t be unexpected. Many of these same trainings aren’t even headed by people with the qualifications required to truly know how to alter your pup's feelings and reactions to situations. Meanwhile, Adrienne Farricelli developed hers after a decade of experience pulling on every bit of her CPDT-KA certified professional training.

So, when you’re going through the various modules and program steps, you can rest assured that there is extensive training and education backing it all up. You can expect more impressive results because of it, but the professional difference doesn’t just lie in the end changes. It’s also completely altered how Adrienne has approached brain training for dogs and how she teaches you to approach it as well.

Rather than giving you vague direction or a handful of resources, this course gives you a whole swath of them. Easy-to-understand tips, step-by-step guides, and demonstrations of all sorts are included in the “Brain Training For Dogs” program, meaning you’ll never be without tons of material on any given topic. Not only does she give you tons of material to work with, she also offers personal support, a private forum, and a massive archive so that you’re never left scrambling for answers alone!

Now that you’re well on your way to getting your pup’s behavior into shape in a gentle, positive way, why not take some time and celebrate your identity as a proud and proactive pet parent? Getting some matching clothes is a fantastic place to start. After all, nothing is better than wearing adorable matching outfits with your best friend in your life! Our Furry Besties Matching Outfits would make an awesome gift for you and your inseparable four-legged buddies!

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